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Energy Saving Solutions (ESS) is a practical energy reduction company.We work with facilities on lowering killowatt hour reduction anywhere from 10-20% depending on facility type. Our primary focus is to achieve these savings by utilizing our suite of technologies.

ESS should be your first call if your business is looking to reduce electrical use or correct electrical inefficiances. Our specialties include:

  • Lighting replacement/ retrofitting/ sales
  • Reduce electrical use from motors
  • Reduce power use from air conditioning and chillers systems
  • Reduce demand from utility provider
  • Increase facility power factor demanded by municipalities

ESS has worked with several midwest companies on lighting sales, consultation, replacement and design. In most cases we can show a facility options that will decrease electrical consumption and increase light levels.

ESS is an Ameren Act On Energy program ally. This is a program providing financial incentives to businesses who upgrade to energy efficient lighting. Please click on the HERE to find out more.  
  With all the buzz about green initiatives our focus has always been on saving our customers money on kilowatt hour reduction. Our guaranteed savings projects allow our customers to enjoy guaranteed dollar amount savings against payback period. This is a guarantee insured and underwritten by Lloyds of London. To learn more about guaranteed projects click HERE.